Data security

Data security breaches are a constant threat to the world of eCommerce. To fight them, the major payment brands have developed strict security standards for storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data. These are known as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

As a security-conscious provider, PSiGate is committed making the Standard work for you. To protect your business, we recently launched the PSiGate PCI DSS Merchant Program with our data security partner, Trustwave. Under the Program, you’ll have access to Trustwave’s TrustKeeper® PCI Manager to support your compliance efforts and ensure that you’re secure.

The TrustKeeper PCI Manager includes:

  • The PCI Wizard – to determine what steps are required for your business type, making the process easy to complete.
  • The TrustKeeper To Do List – to help you track security gaps and tasks throughout the self-assessment process.
  • TrustKeeper’s Security Policy Advisor – to develop your own internal policies and practices.
  • The TrustKeeper Agent – to help facilitate vulnerability scanning and provide ongoing compliance monitoring.

PSiGate takes security seriously and this program will help you protect your business and your customers. To learn more, please contact