Payment Gateway

This is where it all happens. The PSiGate Payment Gateway is the heart of our payment services, processing your customers’ transactions in a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Secure, real-time transactions

You want security, but you don’t want to compromise speed. With PSiGate, you don’t have to. Our secure payment module communicates safe, encrypted transactions in real time, providing both you and your customers with instant notification. In addition, it can process multiple transactions simultaneously, eliminating bottlenecks and saving you valuable time.

Credit and debit capability

With PSiGate you’re ready to accept Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and American Express¹. We can also equip you to handle Interac Online. Capture more sales with more payment options, and reduce chargebacks with authentication from the customer’s financial institution. Credit or debit—your customer now has both to choose from.

Merchant account

If you are accepting credit card payments online, you need a merchant account. PSiGate provides both the Payment Gateway and merchant account for online businesses in Canada and the United States—a complete online payment solution. Our merchant accounts are specialized towards eCommerce merchants so there are no surprise fees.  Already have a merchant account? No problem. Our Gateway can process through most merchant accounts—we’re that flexible!

Simple interfaces

A seamless checkout experience—that’s the gold standard in eCommerce, and that’s what we deliver. We provide you with simple, easy-to-integrate HTML or XML Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that let you match our services with your website, no matter what operating system you use. And if you want to develop the integration on your own, you can do that too: our APIs include a test account and complete documentation, so you can begin development without waiting for your account set-up. You’ll be ready to accept transactions the moment your account goes live.

PSiGate’s Payment Gateway integrates easily with most online eCommerce shopping carts, as well as many CRM systems, billing softwares, call centre systems and more.

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¹To set up an American Express account, you will need to contact American Express directly and provide your MID information.